Thursday, 11 February 2010

Time flies!

I am so bad at keep this blog updated! I keep meaning to but I haven't been up to much to write about.

I have had a week off this week, I get one week off, then work 7 shifts over 10 days then have another week off, its not too bad but there is always so much to do in the house after neglecting it for 10 days. I have finally caught up with the washing, though not the rest. I have also taken a break from Facebook. I was becoming addicted to it, and just surfing most of the time to catch updates! Most which really aren't important. SO I am on a break until Saturday, mainly to prove to Ian that I can do it and to prove to myself that I really am more productive without it.

Other than housework, me and Harris have been to a few baby things. We went to baby gym on tuesday. I had a good time on the trampolines, and was impressed with how long Harris stood up! I so want a trampoline in the garden, I would burn some calories! I promise.

Well I must get back to this evening's task- painting my chairs. I am taking some old pine, well they are wood, maybe beech into the 2010's. They are being painted white. I am obsessed with white wood and the whole shabby chic look- just wish I had the house for it all. That its a bigger work in progress!

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