Sunday, 28 November 2010

Back at long last!

Finally I am back, moved house, got broadband, and got a new camera. I lost the charger to mine, and dropped it in my tuna pasta bake, its never been the same since. I got a fancy new Christmas present today a Nikon DSLR! wohoo.

We have been moved a month now, and finally settled in. The house is so creaky and I am always getting freaked out by all the noises that I hear. My sister has lent me her dog for a few days, as I am a little concerned about vermin!!! Keano is a patterdale terrier and the best vermin killer there is, he has shown no interest in anything though, and I haven't been hearing any noise, so I am happy for now.

Of course we do have snow, loads of it. I don't know if it seems worst as we live on a lane and I have not gone any further than walking into the village since the snow. I am trapped in a world at the top of a hill.

Living in a bigger house has definitely meant one thing....more second hand buying!! I went to the auction with my mum last week and bought lots. I bought up all the boxes of pictures no one wanted so I could do projects with the frames. I was getting them for a £1. I got a green wicker ottoman- £1, which is ongoing refurbishment. Its been a complete bugger to do. I got a wardrobe, but I can not get it over from my mum's at the moment. I got this cupboard..
It was an awful dark oak, but I painted it in tapestry green. I have seen one in Laura Ashley looking very similar, for more than £6 for. Saying that the paint cost me £11!
I have been making some fabric hearts. There are lots of baby girls at the moment and I have made some initialled hearts for them. The red ones are for my friends Twins- Isobel and Madeline. They were born on the 18/10, a whole 11 weeks early and are still in hospital. They are doing well though I am pleased to say. The T is for Thalia, my first niece that was born the day after. She is gorgeous and so good. If they all behaved like that I'd be having another, but with the worlds worst behaved 21 month old, I am putting any creations on hold! The hearts have been made out of a cotton table cloth I got for £1 from a charity shop and the letters from scraps. They only take around 20 mins to make as well. I am not sure if they look more shabby than chic though!

Be careful in this awful weather, keep warm!

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Amy said...

glad the move went well, lovely to have you back. Your borrowed dog's so cute x