Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Its nearly carboot season! I have been thinking that I hadn't posted much over the winter, but I haven't bought any treasure to show you! I have only been to 2 auctions over the winter, and 1 jumble sale. I have got a few bits, I have loads that I need to get on with really before I start buying again after easter. I have loads I need to get rid of as well. I need a car boot sale myself this year. Clear out the out of favour ready for more findings.

This year I am still looking for tea sets, tea pots, vintage plates, mirrors, blue & white pottery and I've decided to go for green as well. I also want picture frames. I love spraying them and bringing a new lease of life. I am off to the local one on Sunday if my hangover isn't too bad! Its my birthday night out on Saturday, then Sunderland V Liverpool in the afternoon. See if I can squeeze the bootsale in the morning.

My green collection- all stolen from my mum! She got the gree & white pot thing from a bootsale with me last year. The rest I got out of the loft. They are displayed in the kitchen. It has a horrible green granite sink so I went with the theme. 

I must say a big thank you for everyone's advice about my living room. My mum and sister came to stay the other weekend and jigged everything around for me. It looks much better. I know what pieces I want but I can not for the life of me put things together!

I got the shelves from an auction last month with a stool and a nest of 3 tables for £12. I painted it white, it was a horrible dark wood. The tea set was from a bootsale, and jug an auction. Lamp, clock are mum's and she made the cushion ages ago. 

The sofas have been moved around, and one of the chairs brought down the the fire side. I have bought new cushion covers to compliment ones I made.

Excuse my mug! I know the pictures need moved but I am hoping to get some thing diferent so leaving it for now. I made the beige floral cushion, the rest bought. I always sit where the big cushion is next to my mug!

This is my view. I like the chair moved there. I made the cushion cover. I love the fabric. Excuse Balamory on the TV!

The other sofa, with Terry. H brought him down last night and he's stayed there. Excuse the mess behind, child of 2 destroys everything.
View from the 2 seater where my other half always sits.

I have done all my pics in a vintage edit. I love the vintage edit, I know its popular with lots of bloggers.

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Saphy said...

What a lovely room, I love green bits and pieces, I have a great set of small shelves in the kitchen with my jug collection on. Once lent is over I can start buying again.