Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Vintage Wedding

On Saturday I went to my good friend Lindsey's wedding. Lindsey is a lovely girl who has met a great man Andy. The wedding was in Stainthorpe, near Settle, at a bunk barn with a huge marque for the celebrations, barn for people to stay and the back drop of the beautiful dales for the pictures. The only problem was the rain. It had been sunny then cloudy all day, which wasn't a problem. Then as we were waiting with baited breath to see the brides dress, you could hear the gentle beginnings of rain on the marque roof pitter pattering away. Typical British weather, but as I said to Lindsey, I am sure it's good luck to rain on your wedding day. The only person who it was unlucky for was me and my OH as I decided we'd camp and not stay in the bunk barn, due to Ian's horrendous snoring. Only problem was we took our small tent, no way of getting away from the sides of the tent, meaning we got wet!

The whole marque was dressed fantastically in my favourite, a vintage theme. Lindsey's mum had been collecting at charity shops for the last year for crockery for the wedding. The selection of plates was to die for!

The marque was decorated spectacularly vintage

The bridesmaids were beautiful


But the rain kept falling!
The bride looked gorgeous

 A rare picture of me and the other half. Shame the flash was so bright!

                                           The gorgeous table flowers.

                                                          Chandeliers in the marque!

                                                         Hamper baskets and  pretty napkins

                                                            The beautiful scenery on the way home.


Riddlers cottage flowers said...

It looks lovely.

missdipton said...

That looks perfect. It really gets away from the competion style weddings that cost thousands.

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Your tent looks rather like one of our tents (note I said "one of our tents" as we have a ridiculous 4) and funnily enough I'm just about to hunt it down in the loft to lend to a friend.

Anyway, the wedding does look lovely. All those vintage plates....swoooooon.

Amy (Blighty Boutique) said...

looks like a beautiful wedding. Lovely pic of you and your OH x

sadie said...

that is one perfect wedding. rain and all.