Friday, 6 July 2012


Jude has finally settled to be a good sleeping baby, having a 3hr & 2hr sleep each day, which is giving me time to get my house finally finished off. Well, it will always be a work in progress but I want to get cracking with the decorative side of things. I have a few ebay purchases that I am working on.
I finally bought a good sturdy 6 drawer pine set of drawers. I have been looking for ages and they always go for ridiculous prices but I got these for £32, only to find it was my mum I was bidding against!! AHHH. I started to paint these with my new Annie Sloan paint, but I am having a nightmare as its not agreeing with the orange pine, no primer required...hmm, I don't think so.
My OH picked these up and I still haven't even had a look at them yet, they are in the garage. There is slight damage to them apparently. I just hope it is slight.
I got this bargain head board for £10. Again I had been looking for a long time. This is getting covered in black velvet.
I went away last week with my mum and dad and the boys to Luss, on Loch Lomond. I have been bored at home on the nursery run, and time just seems to slip away without achieving a great deal. So I hijacked their peaceful holiday! The weather was nice for an afternoon and half a morning but it was nice to get away. Harris loved the Loch.
Jude has turned into a lovely smiley happy baby, and he sleeps! Boy, does he love to sleep. He's not what I remember of the first time round. He's a joy. After a spirted first baby, who's become a well opinioned 3 year old I need a go with the flow No. 2! Hope to be back soon with my transformations and hopefully I will have decided on some wallpaper. I want some for my day room/dinning room, hallway and my bedroom. I've been looking for a year now!!

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