Saturday, 5 January 2013

2013 Tasks!

I'm still not back into this blogging lark am I? I don't even read that many of your lovely blogs any more. I'm terrible. I have so much to do to the house I really should have got my arse into gear. Instead, I am back to work on Monday and am finally getting motivated for housey things. Well too late really!

Instead of resolutions I have given myself some tasks that I really want to focus on for 2013. I want to get to December and to be able to have accomplished them.

These are- Getting a level of fitness and doing regular exercise.

Spending quality time as a family.

Be an accomplished wallpaperer!

Take more photos.

Update my blog every month.

That's it really.

So last night I did this......

It took ages! I managed to cut the first piece too short. I am so slap dash I don't think properly when doing things. It was really my other half that rescued my botch job! The paper is Laura Ashley. I can't remember what it was called but it was only £4 in the batch end bin! I only had one roll and liked it so much, so I was only able to do the vestibule at the front door. It certainly makes for a nicer welcome.

I have some paper for the kitchen that I have had since 2011, and some for my bedroom that I have had for nearly a year. I have the rest of the year to get that done though!

What do you want to achieve this year?


Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

It looks really lovely. I made a similar botched job when I wallpapered our loo but it really doesn't notice, thankfully. I'm aiming to re-decorate our dining room this year and use up some of the fabric that I've been hoarding by actually making things. Yes that would be good. xx

Amandacb27 said...

I'm a Laura Ashley batch-end addict! This paper is v pretty. I have the pirate print which I hope to make into a collage & frame for my 11 month old, will blog on it when i get the energy to do it... x