Monday, 7 February 2011

Room Projects

I have lived in this house for 3 months now, and I still don't feel that its anywhere near finished. It is rented, and its all plain and beige.  I have been trying for ages to brighten it all up. Beige walls, carpet, sofa & wood all over. When the weather is better I'll be painting some bigger pieces in the garden. I am so messy I get it everywhere, not good in a rented house.

Harris' room is probably the brighest so far, in a beige way! He is nearly 2, and will be getting a new bed for his Birthday. I wanted a white painted pine one, but we are going to go for a red car bed. He will only sleep in our guest double bed at the moment, not his cot. I am hoping the lure of a red racing car will get him in his own room.

 The Gollywog was £3 from a charity shop, he still has his label on. I love him. OH hates him, Harris has named him Terry. The chair was 99p from ebay, as part of a dinning set. It was dark wood, so I painted it red gloss. I love it.
 Red bus theme also in the room. This was from Home Bargain about £1.99 last year. I love it.
 Not a very good shot! The shelves are a summer painting project. I will just do them white. They are just ikea basic storage shelves. The bunting and heart garland that you can see are made by me. Paddington Bear & the Tower of London Guards are from my mum from Boot Sales she picked up last summer for me. Iggle Piggle is on the shelve as he was attacked by Mum's jack russell's. After some major surgery his arm was replaced, but he'll never make a full recovery. He was full price new as well!

This toy box was mine, from South Africa. We lived there for 3 years as a child. It was horrible orange pine. I rescued it from my mum's loft and painted it red gloss.

I am continually ebaying for some wood chest of drawers so I can paint them white and get rid of the beech veneer argos ones. His wardrobe is in my mum's garage. Its a 40's style deco one, that's knackered. I got it from an auction but haven't got it from Kirkbymoorside to Durham. That's getting painted white as well.

Hope you are surviving the wind!


Michelle said...

I feel your pain trying to make a rental house into home. I'm torn between spending the money I so want to to make it home and not wanting to spend our own money on someone elses property. We're 'doing it cheap' too but have found I absoluely love the challenge and being creative.

Your little boys bedroom is really lovely. Your bunting is fab too. I am wanting to do some for my little girls bedroom but worry about the cost of all the fabric :(

Where there's a will there's a will eh?

Michelle said...

Ah, now being a Durham lass that's where I can help you. Sedgefield car boot has been on over the winter but I would advise hanging back till the spring. I wouldn't dare drive there myself as it is boggy and cars have been stuck. My friend borrows a JCB and helps out with pulling cars out if they get stuck.

The only reason I went is because my friend was daft enough to drive. I'll be going myself when the ground firms up!

Michelle said...

Hullo :) that's the problem when you start to got to boots, if you don't go the thought of all the lovelies you're missing out on haunts you for the rest of the day!

I've not been to any others as I find Sedgefield by far the best. Oh now I'm thinking I'm missing out not trying others.

It's certainly addictive!