Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Spring is in the air!

Oh yes, told you!

My wicker heart has been hanging in the sunshine today. It'll probably be all faded and horrible come august and falling apart even more than it is now!

I decided to move my collection of Enid Blyton books today. Harris has been taking them off the table and ripping them up!!!! I think I have lost 2 or 3 to such behaviour! One of these books is a first edition, and has in the inner of the book. "Merry Christmas.........., love Mummie, 1947". Unfortuantley on all the rest of the books its says "Aimee Leigh Crawford, Araminta, West Lund, Kirkbymoorside, 1990" Why oh why did I destroy all the books in such a silly girly way. All of these Enid Blyton books have been rescued from mum's loft. Most I picked up from Carboot sales in 1990, some were bought new for me as presents.

Somewhere I do have most of the Famous Five Books. I thought they were on a shelf somewhere. I am now wondering if Harris ripped up all of those books!!! I used to love Enid Blyton. My Favourite books were the Faraway tree & Naughty Amelia Jane.

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SharonK said...

I have loads of those books too from my childhood. All my pocket money used to go on Enid Blyton books as did any birthday or christmas money too. I don't think I have written in mine but you can bet my Mum did if they were a present from her and Dad. LOL. I have Bimbo annuals from the 60's that say 'To Sharon, love from Mummy and Daddy Christmas 1969 (or whatever the year was). I actually said to her a while back about it and how she would have destroyed the value of some of them by doing this. Never mind they're mine anyway and they aren't going anywhere :o)