Monday, 11 April 2011

Boot Sale Season is BACK!

OH YEAH BABY. I was so excited about going on Sunday. I work nights 2 out of 5 weekends, so when I was off and it was nice this Sunday I skipped out the house at 9.45. The sale starts at 9am, but sellers arrive all the time. I had decided this season I really wanted a hen egg storage thing. My Gran has one and I have been meaning to ask her for it, but daren't. I'd love to ask her for half her house, but that's a different story. She's 87 and her and my Grandad have been needing to downsize for years. Her gorgeous immaculate house just isn't the same anymore. It needs a good clean and some TLC. Anyway, back to the boot sale...I also want vases, blue and white pottery, green and white, and gold frames. I have 6 months to get some good finds in spread between Sedgefield, Pickering, York and Thirsk carboot sales. They are all the ones between myself and my mum's.

             My spring mantle piece. So my boot sale waffle doesn't bore you too much

I got to my sisters to pick her up, she had a fit. She had nothing to wear, she's too fat, she hasn't got time for boot sales. Jees, we arranged to go. Sod you, I did what I had been wanting to do for ages, but never daring. I WENT ON MY OWN. I got my £20 out of the cash machine, and qued up to get into the car park. It was so busy. When I got there I nearly went home. I couldn't move, and people smelt so bad. Puke.

Anyway, things quietened down a bit and I managed to get looking. I found books for Harris. He is Thomas the Tank mad, and cars mad. So I got him loads of things, and clothes.

I found a lovely decanter for £1, a jug for 50p, some gold picture frames for 50p, and then I saw my Hen Egg Holder!! A lady already had it in her hand, I hovered. Put it down, Put it DOWN!!! I screamed in my head.  She did. I asked how much £3, I got her to £2, and its mine!!! YEAH!

Its only a 6 egg holder. I will be looking for more. I love the jug and the decanter. Total £3.50.

This frame can not wait to be sprayed white!

After that, you need a drink really. 

What did you get at the car boot sale?


corsets, crafts and cupcakes said...


i have just found your blog and i think im in love!
i have been having a lil nosy and looking through your previous few posts, and i adore your fabric hearts and decoupage chairs - especially the patchwork one, utter envy!

cant wait to read the rest of your lovely blog :) now following :D

Scarlett Fontaine said...

Yay for finding the egg holder - many a time have i willed someone to put something down only to swoop in and bag that baby. Love the decanter too - my hubby now drops me off at the boot sale and comes back for me as far too busy to push my son round in the buggy so Ive got the love of booting on my own now - although my mum has asked to some along next week eek. Scarlett x

Ails said...

I love the jug! My granny has an egg holder like that, happy memories :o)

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Laughing at wanting half your gran's house - I have slowly been obtaining bits and pieces from mine, various cake stands, knitting needles, sewing box...

I do like the chicken too - good jedi mind trick there.

(incidentally your blog isn't updating in my dashboard, not sure why, last post it shows is about the chair)

A Thrifty Mrs said...

I LOVE the egg holder. I have a similar one but I so wish it was white.