Thursday, 21 April 2011

Just what I didn't want!

was a letter from our landlady saying that she is going to be having some work done on her Farmhouse, and is going to be moving into our house from July! We only moved here at the end of October. It was the biggest waste of time ever. We've lived a winter in the middle of no where, paying nearly £100 for oil at Christmas as we ran out, I've dug my car out of the snow to get home from work, but I thought a summer in this garden will make up for it. How wrong was I. I am panicing as well as it we looked for months, years before we took the plunge to move here. We just aren't going to get anything suitable. I am thinking of living in my tent on a roadside and save some money up to buy a palace!

I still went carbooting at the weekend...I can always have a bootsale before I move for my none necessary items!

A lovely little Meakin jug £1

 A pretty vase. The lady had some lovely things...£2

 Some kind of toothbrush holder from the Vase Lady, she said I was her best customer! 50p

Another Adam's jug. I have two now. 50p.

Everyone keep their fingers crossed I can find a house!!
  (don't tell anyone but I was wanting to try for another baby this summer, so I need a house!)


Saphy said...

That is so poo! but loved the meakin!

Scarlett Fontaine said...

got my fingers crossed for a new house for you. Love the jugs you found :o) Scarlett x

vintage mum said...

I see it hasen't stopped your hunting spirit :)

Happy Easter

Alchamillamolly said...

Oh that is awful - she isn't a very organised landlady then and after all of your efforts. Lets hope you find something and its better than you have, it might happen you know. good luck in house hunting and keep car booting!

Cheryl-ann Taylor said...

Oh Amy, you've just brought a tear to my eye. I hope you find somewhere soon and I'm sure it will be fab but if not as fab as your house now, you'll make it amazing with all your gorgeous finds. Remember thing's always work out in the end xxxxx

bibbitybob said...

That's rubbish news! I hope you manage to find somewhere even better soon :) x

Miss Havisham said...

"I am thinking of living in my tent on a roadside and save some money up to buy a palace!"

Sounds like A PLAN!!!

Good luck with house hunting xxx

Just discovered your blog and it looks good!

Amy (Blighty Boutique) said...

fab boot sale finds. What a bloomin' nightmare and quite selfish really. It migt be her property but it's your home x