Friday, 30 December 2011

5 Months!

Hello, I have been meaning to keep up with my blog for ages! I didn't want to post about the state that we have been living in. Things have been quite depressing. Refurbing a  100 plus year old terrace set in the 70's with a 2 year old is really hard work. Trying for a baby as soon as you get your bed in the house, was a really crazy idea. Finding out you are pregnant 1 month after moving in to the house of horrors is shocking. Being debilitated with hyperemisis was the the icing on the cake for us!

But, we are nearly there!!

We've had leaks, leaks and more leaks. We've had mould, damp and things going over budget. But we now have a working kitchen, a nice bedroom, a done hall and living room. Then we have a back bedroom that is currently undergoing transformation to a cool boys bedroom, a bathroom that needs overhauling and a landing that needs something doing with it now we have steamed off the artex!

My OH has worked so hard. When i met him he couldn't do a thing round the house. Now he's done all my skirtings and artraves, laid all our wooden flooring and built me a kitchen. I am so proud of him.

I am having another boy in April, well it will probably be May! Harris who is two, has been very sweet about it all, and understands that he has a brother coming and that I have a baby in my tummy. No more babies after this! I have been in hospital 3 times with the sickness, and have spent 4 nights there. I just don't do growing babies!

I would leave you with some progress pictures but I have no card reader on my new lap top, so soon I promise. Here are some ideas of my themes & inspiration.

Our bedroom is black and white. I am trying to find a cheap king headboard from ebay to upholster, and I also need wallpaper. Do i go floral, birds or damask!

I need this wallpaper! I have lusted it for months, but it seems there is nothing at all like it!!

My living room is hot pink, not this hot pink though!! Do I get some Laura Ashley Elvden Cranberry wallpaper to tone down the pink?? I can't link the page or post the image!

TBC....early next year!!!

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Saphy said...

found it! on the internet.

"Wonder Walls specialise in custom-made wallpaper and their extensive selection of designs includes a range of London Wallpapers.

These designs feature iconic images such as a London bus (it may be a Routemaster but I’m no expert), letterbox, toy guards, phone boxes and union jacks. The print sizes and colours can be customised to meet your requirements and you will be given a draft version to approve before printing begins.

The wallpaper isn’t cheap with prices starting from £65, but you can have something unique.