Monday, 16 January 2012

Work in Progress

I finally tidied up and took a few pictures of some of the better finished areas of the house. It's good looking back at progress as sometimes you get lost in where you are going and where you have come from.

The ghastly before pic is here.

The units are all Wickes white gloss. The worktop is B&Q, and the floor is Homebase. I am really pleased with the floor as it was only £6m2, and think it looks nicer than the engineered wood through the rest of the house that was more than 3x the cost! It's not finished yet, but it's nice it just needs a few finishing jobs and a tidy up! No brush kicking about and donuts on display!!

This is the before picture from the living room.

The white painted furniture is all second hand. The dresser was ebay - £10, and the shelves £12 from an action by my mum. I have had them for a white now. The floor is engineered wood, and is from a local carpet place, called Calverts. We ended up paying a lot for it, but it will be there for ever, and is so much more child friendly & clean than carpet. The lights are B&Q, only £25, very pleased with them. The chaise lounge was half price in the Next sale and the sofa is Barker&Stonehouse. I love the draylon/chenille fabric. I absolutely hate leather sofas, but needed something neutral and hardwearing. The colour theme for the downstairs room is bright pink, which came from the bargain curtains my mum got me from BHS. They were reduced from £120 to £30. I love them.

My dad is coming over to do us a fireplace this weekend. I have had the oak beams forever, I just need it fitted. My OH is a bit stuck with it, so I can not wait for my Dad to show him how it's done. I have persuaded my Dad to stay all weekend with my mum and finish off loads of jobs for us. My mum is going to help me get the kids bedroom wallpapered and finished off. I can't wait, more excited than Christmas!

This is the before picture of the entrance hall.

It has just been painted white, white and then some more white after it was all replastered. The floor is the engineered wood which is used throughout the downstairs. When i get round to it I will be displaying all my favourite snaps. I just need to get them all printed out first. I love having a hall, rather than going straight into a room. They just don't build new houses like they do old ones.

I'll leave you a picture of me and H, with a 5 month bump on Christmas Eve. I am 26 weeks now, and feeling much bigger than a few weeks ago. Time seems to have speeded up, and that I am getting there in my pregnancy after a hideous beginning, it's all downhill from here!

This weeks project will be painting a Tallboy bright blue. It's currently sage green & looks very Laura Ashley but I have nowhere for it to go, so I am thinking blue and into the boy's bedroom. I will hopefully be able to update soon with a finished room!

Oh, and Happy New Year!


Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Wow it's really coming on - you must be thrilled. I have all this to come!

Glad the pregnancy is getting easier, cute picture.

Jewel said...

Wow you have been busy! It all looks fantastic! I don't know how you managed to snap up such a bargain dresser on ebay! xx

Alchamillamolly said...

Hi there I havent been on your blog since the pic with the twins. The house is looking fab you must have all been working very hard to get to this point. Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy and here's to boy babies!!