Monday, 4 November 2013

Catch up

I've not really been doing much upcycling, crafting, car booting- apart from selling my junk, or transformations.
My boys are just so much hard work! They, and work take up all my time.

Harris started school in september, so we have done our first half term already. He is quite mischievous, so has had a few incidents at school settling in! He is doing really well picking up with his reading. He loves phonics.

Jude is 18 months old, and finally started walking about a month ago. He is into absolutely everything!

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Josie said...

Really hoping you are going to be posting again soon. I just love your gorgeous photos. We're also hopefully halfway through winter so 'almost' back to car booting season. I will keep visiting your lovely blog as it's great to read one set in Durham!