Saturday, 3 January 2015

Coming Soon!

Finally, after selling our house 6 months ago we move into our next project in 2 weeks time. A proper family house with 4 bedrooms, ensuite, garage, garden, drive, and downstairs loo!! The house is stuck in the 90's but that is just how I like them! 

I'm putting up the pictures of the old house, finished. These were the pictures taken on the day the agent came round, so very clutter free! Not how it was lived it. We learnt a lot with Sanderson Street. I learnt what not to do next time! 

Finished kitchen 

Living room 

Dinning room/ playroom

Our bedroom

The boy's bedroom 

The bathroom 


WinnibriggsHouse said...

New Year, new home. All the very best. Will look forward to the transformation.

Josie said...

The 'old' house looked lovely so really looking forward to seeing the new one!