Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Get Well

I have decided to enter the Crafty Card Makers challenge again. I spent ages making the card last night, but I am disappointed in it! It is the glue. I have ran out of my normal glue which I bought off the net with some supplies, so I used to glue from the pound shop, and it's hopeless. The paper and card didn't set properly, and you can really see that on the card! I am however pleased with my flowers. I made them using some cuts that I had in a pack from tesco, I just traced round them and cut them out on my paper. The paper is from my stash from The Works. I have lots of cut outs now, so can make lots of flowers!

The card is for my sister, she went into hospital today, as she needs an operation. I took H with me to visit her as she was so bored. She is having her operation tomorrow, so today was her op prep, which involved Nil by Mouth and lots of laxatives. She wasn't very happy as she had no bed, and was starving, so we sat in the cafe, which probably wasn't the best idea for a hungry paitent.

She enjoyed the company anyway, and H was good. He loves his Aunty F. She text me after I left to say how much she liked the card. Tomorrow I am looking after her poor dog. He has been in all day today as her partner was at work, so I will take him a good walk tomorrow. I also need a trip to the bank tomorrow. Statutory Maternity pay doesn't go far, so looks like I'll need the last of my savings. I'm back at work in 2 weeks on Monday. Where the hell has the time gone!!!


Helen said...

Lovely card!
Thanks for linking my candy - good luck!
Helen x

Wishcraft said...

Great card Aimee! Thanks for joining us at Crafty Cardmakers again :o)

PS. You'll get a better result with double sided tape rather than glue, for sticking all your layers down. Lisa x

Aimee said...

Thanks Lisa, I can't get the other side of the double sided tape! I'm rubbish. I bought the tape from craft shop as well, not a cheapy shop. I'll invest in some more.

Wishcraft said...

Do you mean you can't get the backing off? The tape with the brown paper backing comes off easier. With the other stuff - put your tape on, get the short end of your ruler and drag it along the back of the tape, pressing down with your finger. The backing will lift away easier then :o) Lisa x

judie said...

brilliant card, and fab colours - the card is brill, you can see the paper because you no its not stuck down properly, but to us its fantastic well done and thanks for joining us at Crafty Cardmakers xx

ps i use double sided tape as well, dont fath around with glue much any more xx

judie said...

sorry im back, pop over to my blog i have a little something for you hun xx

Vixykins said...

Great card hun! Might be the type of paper you used (handmade) as its like blotting paper so isnt designed for use with any wet kinda glue like the pound shop stuff (which I use myself) if its the stuff like bostick

Looks fine to me hun!

Thanks for joining us at crafty cardmakers x