Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Bags of Creativity

Last week whilst having a few spare hours after a getting up from a night shift I decided to make a book bag. I have a few of them that i have bought from shops instead of getting a carrier bag. I just used one I had as a template and made a bag. As you'll see I am new to sewing and struggle with the machine at times, just because I haven't got a clue! But, I managed to make this...
(Don't be spooked by the picture, that is my 18 month old on the wrong side of the stair gate!)
I have had the material for a while, I was planning on covering a chair with it. But I have no idea really how to cover the arm chair, and the material is not a very good quality. I need to get the insides a bit tidier and then I may be able to make one for a gift. They are better than carrier bags!

On sunday I managed to get to a carboot sale, not my usual one in Sedgefield, which I am really tired of. I went to one in York, which was much better quality, cheaper to get in and I got lots of lovely things for a grand total of £8.50. My favourite being this teapot.
When I first saw it I thought it was Emma Bridgewater, my heart skipped a beat when she said £1, it wasn't. I love it all the same though. I also bought some plant pots, some cream and and some terracotta. I am planning on doing something creative with them and the stars on the teapot have inspired me. I love stars, I even have one tattooed on my foot.
I don't know if I'll make a carboot sale this week, my OH has vowed never again, he hates them, and I have amassed a load recently. There's always ebay though!


The Patchwork Heart said...

You can never do too many car boots! I am addicted and the thrill of trying a new one is wonderful isnt it! Nice to see you are a lover of blue&white china too
Heather x

SharonK said...

I like car boot sales too but I very rarely go as my OH hates them too. I also collect blue and white plates and crockery. I absolutely love that fabric you made the bag from, it's gorgeous. I have a small squar of that in pink that I won't use as I like it so much lol.

LittleGem said...

Just spotted you are a new follower of my blog and wanted to say thanks, I love finding new blogs to read and am now following you! Fab teapot - looks a little bit like Whittards to me.
Gem x

Aimee said...

Hello to my new followers! I am loving all your blogs to!
Gem you are spot on the teapot is Whittards, I might find a Emma Bridgewater one, one day for £1!

bellaboo said...

I love your teapot..the oversized handle is so sweet! My OH hates car boots too...as he has to drag our dog Bella round(she hates them too)while I'm browsing.We really need to do one ourselves as we have sooo much 'stuff' in the garage.
Your bag is lovely..and very pretty fabric too.

Bellaboo :o)

Michelloui said...

I have a small collection of blue and white china tea cups and saucers and 8inch plates. We never use them, sadly, but I love them all the same! And I love the bag you made!!