Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Bunting and Union Jacks.

In between two busy weekends at work I have managed to get my bunting finished and make a union jack. I love the bunting but am not that impressed with the Union Jack!

The bunting was really easy to make. I borrowed my mum's cutting board and rotary cutter, I must purchase one for myself as I think I am going to be making a lot of bunting. I am thinking its a great present for friend's children.

I cut out triangles using a cardboard template, using a cutter. I did the bunting double sided, using a zig zag stich, and then trimmed off any excess fabric. I then sewed the flags on to some piping, as it was all that I had. I need some thick ribbon or bias binding to make the rest.

To make bunting, I found that a cheap polycotton matterial was much easier to use that cotton, as its stiffer, and its cheaper. The striped & large spot material was only £1.99 a meter from Boyes. As I had lots left I then made this...

I used a rectangle of the navy spot, and then cut out strips using the cutter again. I think however that the white would look more effective just being white, and its not wide enough on the vertical stripe. I think I will get some white poly cotton and use that instead. Only problem is I've given my the cutter and board back to Mum. I do have her sewing maching now though. We just couldn't work out Doreen's old machine, and I think mum actually broke it trying to show me how it worked. So I now have the use of a new simple machine! Its fab.

That means I have even managed to finsh off my patchwork quilt, backed on to fleece to snuggle with on winter nights. I have ened up bodging it when sewing it on to the backing, the corners are a mess, so I need to sort them out. Though its just for me and it looks nice apart from bunny ear corners, think I should have trimmed them before stitching. Oh well you learn from your mistakes, that's what teaching yourself is all about!

I just want to say a BIG thank you to my new followers and the comments I have got. It makes me so excited when someone comments!


Sarah said...

Your bunting looks great - you can't beat bunting hanging up and so quick and easy to make.
Love the framed Union Jack.

The Patchwork Heart said...

Lovely to find another car boot explorer! Thanks for visiting my blog, I have a giveaway you (and anyone else) may like to sign up for!