Monday, 23 August 2010

Bargain Heaven

I went to the local Car Boot yesterday with my Mum! After him in doors saying never again, along with my heavily pregnant sister joining him, I did contemplate going alone. That was until my mum rang up on Saturday night saying they were coming up and how about us and the kids go car booting and the lads play golf. YIPEE!

We got there at about 10.15am and at 12.45pm I had to ring my dad to see if they'd finished golf as we couldn't fit everything in the car!! AHHH! I even had to borrow extra money from my mum, and this was all after my sister said..."Bet you come back with nothing". Now, I am not sure if its my Mum sees more than me or she brings good luck, but I always get loads when I am with my Mum. This weeks happy objects are...
A white wicker magazine rack, to put all my dribbled on copies of Ideal home, Homes & Gardens and Good Homes. House Porn to me! It was a quid, and is to be resprayed.

I am not sure what this is? A man was selling a load of camera items, some really good stuff. Unfortuantly none digital. He asked how much I wanted to pay for the box and after lots of bartering I got it for £2. I don't know what I wil do with it, its lovely. I promised the man I will cherish it.
A lady was selling off her china. I got the teapot for £1, to add to my collection, and a Alfred Meakin floral plate, not photographed. It's been used. I like Meakin. Granny Vintage heaven.  I have just had a cuppa in the love raspberry Toile china cup. I love toile. That was 50p.
I got this wooden tray for a pound along with a seagrass basket which I am using in the bathroom for loo roll. Not quite sure that to do with the tray. Think a light sand and some clear satin varnish. I am thinking it will look nice with my new plant pots I painted pink. Only prob is, child is currently sat in the tray. How long until its broken??
The best buy was a bookcase, but it's in the garage. I saw it as soon as I got in, asked how much it was, and said I'd see if it still was there when I'd finished. It was, and I got it for less than half the price. The lady said her ex hand made it for her! We were stuck then for getting home as I'd bought a play kitchen for H, and mum had bought a highchair for her house!! Luckily dad & co weren't far away and we squeezed the rest into their car.
This weeks tasks are to paint a old chair RED, and to finish off my first ever cushion cover! If I could cut straight I would be good at making things!


The Patchwork Heart said...

LOVE the box and the tray! You had a great day out, isnt it fun! Im regretting not buying an old wicker picnic hamper for my craft stall ... must remember to buy and not think about it! We have 2 special ones lined up on Sat and Monday BH cant wait!
Heather x

vintage mum said...

hi just found your blog, we have something in common, I can't sew very well either :) it took me ages to cut out some bunting last week and it's still not finished.
I love boot fairs and am a bit of a horder.
Love your box how about making a receipe box
pop over any time nice to meet you
Cate x

Lavender hearts said...

I have a tray like that. I painted it blue and wallpapered inside. You can just see it here: