Thursday, 20 August 2009

Autumn August

I feel so angry that this is August! We have been completely robbed with this weather. I was sure that we were told that it was going to be a good summer this year as well. Next summer when I am back at work with all my gear on it'll be a scorcher, I can promise you. The two summers when I should have been able to enjoy the weather its not let me enjoy it!

I have become obsessed with shopping trips to buy crafty things. I got some great bargains from the pound shop and the local craft shop which has now shut down. No more bargains to be had there then. I have been making quite a few cards this week. I have been on my own most evenings, due to the other half, playing and watching football. I can see my creations are coming along with practise. I have bought a load of bows, ribbons and buttons from poppicraft. They should be all a great finishing touch to my cards, I also bought lots of stamps, ink and a massive card making set from Dunelm. I stil think my cards are just lacking a bit of something at the moment.

I sent a card to my mum - the thank you one, and one to my grandma with some pictures of H. They both called to say how lovely the cards were. I also made a weding acceptance card, though I titled it Celebrate, as I am a bit limited in my words. I now have lots of stock!

I have been trying to post pictures of my cards for ages now, I am not very good at using blogger! I don't know what I am doing wrong! Help, as the Help doesn't Help!

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