Wednesday, 12 August 2009

More camping!

I again have just got back from a camping break! This time we went to the lakes, to Pooley Bridge. The place looked really nice, I was just annoyed that it was so busy we couldn't get parked anywhere so we didn't really do much. We drove to Windermere which seemed the longest drive in the world for 18 miles, lovely scenery though. Again when we got to Windermere it was so busy that we couldn't get parked and got stuck in a car park. No one was moving, we finally got out the place and went back to the site. Quite annoying really.

It also rained again. After a lovely weekend it rained! Its so typical, the rain follows me. I had a good time though, I just enjoy getting away somewhere different and to spend a bit of time without the TV or internet. We were joined by some friends on the tuesday night and had a lovely BBQ. We have also mastered putting the tent up and down painfree as well! Yeah! I am now needing to book another trip before the end of the summer. I need to go somewhere with my parents as they went halves on all the eqiuptment, and haven't been able to use any of it yet.

I now have lots of suppies to make crafty things. I am trying to do a scrap book but its not coming on that well. I have though made some wedding invitations, only problem is I am not even engaged! Thats a long story, but we have a baby so I really think we should be. I don't see why I should have a different name to my boys! Plus I book things in my name and it gets confusing. I have made a few cards as well. Some are a bit naff, but some I really like. I still need more things, just a shame all supplies are so expensive! I am trying to ration myself.

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Crafty Cardmakers said...

Ah shame sweets, this year has been bad camping weather and whenever we have the occasional nice day peeps rush to escape so everywhere is packed!
Only managed one trip myself this year, took the 2 kids (2 and half and 1) and it was like herding sheep! they both sussed the zips within minutes so you had to constanly watch and they'd run in different directions! Fortunately it was a private camping event so we knew everyone so had a few extra hands!