Friday, 28 August 2009


I decided to make a card for one of the competitions last night. The theme was Contrasting Colours. I was a bit limited on this one as I seem to have the same colours in my supplies, mainly pink, blue and red. I decided to go for purple and yellow as I had bought some new paper in those colours. The card again has a lot of hearts on it! I seem to do the same theme all the time. The papers are just from The Works, the hearts are from a scrap book set, the rub on from a local craft shop and the ribbon is from an old birthday card. I was pleased with it, but then you look at other peoples cards and feel that yours will never be as good!

I think I just need a wider range of supplies, and this will take a bit of time and money. When I go back to work I can treat myself to a few more supplies! I really want some flower punches, a circle punch, some more stamps- really need a congratulations, and some more proparkers. Though maybe some different pens as the ones I have I don't get on with! I have never had a hobby before but I would say this is it.

I would also love a new camera. My last good one isn't working properly. I would love to splash out on a good one. Saying that, my dad has a really good camera which he doesn't use often. I might ask if I can borrow it for pictures around the house. I daren't take valuable items out of the house as I am very clumsy and can loose things easily.

Today my best friend from Uni has been to visit. She came with her Mum and Dad, as they haven't met H. Her mum was great with him. A surrogate grandma, actually better than his paternal grandma! He had a great day. My friend has been off work for a month now as she has had an operation. She has been trying for a baby for 18 months now, and has come across complications. I hope this operation can be a sucess and her and her husband can have some good luck. This is especially because lots of our good friends are pregnant at the moment. I have a friend due a baby every month now until march! Good job I love making baby cards!

I'll leave you with a picture of my friends wedding from May 07. I was her bridesmaid, (I'm the large one!) and so desperate to catch the bouquet, which I did! It was a lovely day, and it was an honour being her bridesmaid. I hope I can return the honour to her one day soon!


judie said...

beautiful card, i adore it, good wedding photo as well !!! Thank you for joining us at crafty cardmakers

Wishcraft said...

Lovely card & well done on entering your first challenge!

Thanks for joining us at Crafty Cardmakers :o) Lisa x

Crafty Cardmakers said...

"I think I just need a wider range of supplies, and this will take a bit of time and money"

Dont do it!!! lol lol lol! Its never ending lol! What I'd advise is have a mooch round and see the kind of things you like and concentrate on your supplies in that area and ask lots of questions to whittle them down. I've tried practically every technique going and a bit like Judie here when I try something I like to get everything so I've millions of decoupage and tea bag sheets, more stamps than you can shake a stick at and god knows how many inkpads from different companies, vellums, mulberry paper, every conceivable colour card there is etc etc...

I discovered eventually I'm a stamper :D Even then its taken me years to decide what style, I like cute but I also like flowers, landscapes and altered photos :$

What pens do you not get on with? Maybe I can help :)

Flower punches - I bought a woodware multi punch, does 5 flowers of different sizes as I couldnt decide which punches I wanted so went for that one instead and love it and of course saves a few pennies as I can use my own cards and papers!

There's also some pointers on our blog on making your own flowers, check this post here

Thanks for joining us for this challenge!

Anonymous said...

Lovely card. Don't be so hard on yourself - we are always our own worst critics. Well done on joining your first challenge. xx