Thursday, 22 July 2010

Machine Phobia

I own a sewing machine. Actually, I own two. One I bought for £12 from Dunelm, its a mini machine but it worked fine to stich my patches together once I worked out how to thread the needle! Seriously, I failed the sewing machine assessment at school in Home Ec. I was the only one, even all the boys passed it. So in order to step up, do some zig zaging, some quilting etc I have got a grown up sewing machine. Very grown up in fact. Its a Jones machine, in a lovely green box!

She's a beauty! The machine is from my Mum's friend Doreen. Thanks Doreen. Unfortuantly she is quite elderly and her sight has deteriorated considerabley so she is unable to sew any more. She made the thing on the front to put your pins in as you go along, and even keeps an elastic band on the cotton, though I can't remember why! I am yet to use it, and you know what's stopping me....the cotton's black. I am too scared to change it to white. I have watched some You Tube videos.

I am going to have to set aside an afternoon and get my head round it! Give me technology, I am fine. Give me a sewing machine I am scared! I need to get my quilt finished and get my bunting done! My mum did me half of it at the weekend, and I need to do the red flags for it. She'll be annoyed if I don't get it done as she asked for it for me.

Maybe this is why I am struggling, How sexist!


Thanks for the comments I had on the other posts! I was so pleased!


winnibriggs said...

You are very lucky to get such a little jem. Jones machines are good workhorses. Hope you get your head round the rethreading, doesn't your mum know how its done as she was helping with the bunting? It really isn't that hard, sometimes there are even arrows on the machine or numbers showing you which way to thread it. Good luck, you will have loads of fun once you get over your fear.
Jenny x

Sarah said...

Hello! Just found your blog so thought I'd pop by. That sewing machine is great - hope you get it all sorted.

Helmi said...

Great sewing machine, you new there are some people whitout a sewing machine
grt. Helmi

Annie said...

My daughter uses her MIL's old machine and says it works better than her new one!

The housewife instruction is hilarious!! Made me chuckle!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have this sewing machine but can't find any instructions for it, have you any tips or do you by any chance know the model?
Love your blog