Sunday, 11 July 2010

Summer Days

Yesterday we had a BBQ. One where we invited people and everything. I don't usually invite people to the house as I hate this rented scuzz hole where we live, but I spend a while trying to spruce the place up, tidy the garden and make lots of food! I marinaded the chicken myself, made some cupcakes, biscuits, colsaw, then my darling OH burnt all the meat on the BBQ. Its the first time he'd used charcoal and the consensus was that he'd used far too much coal, it was just tooooo hot! Oh well lets hope no one had food poisoning today as the food was cremated!

I don't feel well today. NOT HUNGOVER, I feel like I have a bit of man flu. But after a mega lie in today I feel up to going to the 3rd Birthday party today. Best decide what to wear! I have some amazing new shoes, and I just don't know if they are too much for a childs birthday!

And here is my patchwork so far....remember I am a BEGINNER!!!

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