Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Weekend Booty

Hello, does anyone read this? please say hello if you do! I am not writing for anyone in particular and it really doesn't matter if anyone does read this, its just, well it would be nice to know!

My toe is still really hurting, it hurts right into my foot. I need to get it checked out as i don't fancy putting my work boots on!! I did though manage to get one of my chairs done. I love it, so proud, I keep using that word but doing something yourself instead of buying new makes me feel great, plus its better for the environment, and sometimes cheaper!!
This is the before. Old dark wood, smelly cushion.
This is my after! Its painted white, just the B&Q range- cotton white. I like the B&Q own paints. I have used Farrow and Ball, though I prefered B&Q.

On Saturday I went to my parents for the weekend. They live over in North Yorkshire. I was invited to a Christening, the daughter of a school friend. I was lucky that it didn't start until 12.30, so we managed to get to the local carboot sale. We were going to try Thirsk or York but I didn't have time, and it was drizzling.
I was really lucky to get quite a few bits and bobs. One lady was sat in the rain and wanted rid and I got lots of items for £5, including some lovely wicker baskets and fancy gold frames. I also got some old pictures for 50p, so I did this transformation.

The picture on the left is the after, I should have done them the other way round, shouldn't I?! It has been painted with Farrow and Ball Ivory. I am not sure if I it maybe needs another coat. I like the picture. Its actually a Doctor Banardos promotion for voluteers. I did get two, the other one is of two girls but its so sad. I only bought two as the others were really sad, and made me well up looking at them. God I am so emotional!

On monday I went to visit my grandparents with my mum and H. We wanted to go to a lovely fent shop at Skipton, which is where I got the fabric for my chair tops. My Grandparents are 86. I love their house, it is full of vintage treasures! My gran gave me some lovely old books for H. Too nice and old for him just yet. I really need to make more effort to see them, as it really cheered them up and really who knows how much longer they are going to be around for.


A Thrifty Mrs said...

Love those chairs!

Aimee said...

Thank you A thrifty Mrs. I forgot to tell everyone that they were part of a table and chairs I got on ebay for 99p!!! I best crack on with the rest of them.

Aletea said...

But HOW did you do it? And the photo frames.

Aimee said...

I know I never put a how bit did i?
I washed th chair, painted it with primer x2, then painted the top coat x1.
I then removed the old cover of the seat with a knife to get all the staples out. I then I used a piece of £1 material from the Fent Shop, used the old piece of material as a template, cut, pulled it tight around the seat pad and stappled away.
I need to paint with a gloss roller really for a neater effect and need to tidy up the material as its bunched at the front corner.
So easy you could do it Aletea, and it cost less that £2, not counting paint that I already have from the dresser further down.